How to Cancel a SkipTheDishes Order

Online delivery is an industry that’s been gaining more and more traction especially since the pandemic began. Enter delivery networks like SkipTheDishes. This is Canada’s largest and leading food network delivery, allowing you to order food from restaurants from the comfort of your home and get it delivered to you easily.

You can get anything delivered from your favourite Tim Hortons coffee to your best ice cream flavour from Dairy Queen.

However, people change their minds often. You’re susceptible to that too. So, if you’ve ordered from SkipTheDishes and you’d like to cancel, we’re going to show you what you should do. 

What is SkipTheDishes?

SkipTheDishes is one of Canada’s top delivery networks. This company helps you order from your favorite restaurant without having to leave the comfort of your home. Your food will be delivered right to your doorstep. Think of this like those grocery services. You can order through an app, and it’ll deliver the groceries to you. It’s just like that except instead of groceries, you’ve bought food from a restaurant.

How does SkipTheDishes work?

Interested? Great. Now, how does this work exactly? It works just like other delivery service providers like Uber Eats. You order from your favorite restaurant through the SkipTheDishes app. The restaurant will cook your food. SkipTheDishes will deliver it to you. All you have to do is order, pay, and eat.

Ordering from SkipTheDishes can be done in 2 ways. You can order through their website or their app. Once you’ve finalized and paid for your order, SkipTheDishes will send this to your chosen restaurant, and it goes from there.

If you prefer to pick up the food yourself, SkipTheDishes allows you to do that and pick up your food directly at the restaurant.

How do I cancel my SkipTheDishes Order?

Now, what if you change your mind and decide you’d rather eat somewhere else? It’s an easy fix. You can cancel your order this way.

1. Open the app or the website.

Open the app or the website. This should not matter. As long as you’ve opened it and you’re signed in to your account, you’re all good.

2. Find your order.

Through the app or website, visit the option or tab entitled ‘Purchase Tracker’. This is a page where you can see your past and current orders. Once you’re there, find your order.

3. Click cancel.

You’ve reached the last step. All you must do now is click on the option ‘Cancel Order’. Your order should be canceled. To verify, refresh and check your purchase tracker again.

What happens after I cancel my order?

After you’ve canceled your order, the status of your order should be changed to ‘Cancelled’ or ‘Cancel’ in your purchase tracker. You don’t need to do anything.

Do I get a refund?

But wait. We hate to waste money so, after canceling your order, do you get a refund? That depends. If the restaurant only just accepted your order and hasn’t begun preparing it, you can call them and ask for a refund. However, if they’ve already started preparing it, you cannot request one.

The Takeaway

SkipTheDishes is another innovative take on ordering take-out from your favorite restaurants. Whether you’re at home lounging around and you’re too lazy to go out and order or you’re at work and you have no time to get out of your office for lunch, SkipTheDishes is there to save your day.

However, things don’t always go as planned. If you’ve decided to cancel your order, this guide should help you easily do that. Take note that you might not always get a refund for your paid order as it depends on whether the restaurant has begun preparing your food. Nevertheless, choosing what food you feel like eating is an important decision. It might even make or break your day. So, choose wisely.

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