50 Best Date Ideas for Canadians

Planning dates can make you feel like you’re going crazy. You want to make sure your dates are fun without going over budget. You also want to ensure that your date is enjoying themselves. Planning a date is intricate and might be difficult for some. So, we’ve come up with 50 date ideas you can try anywhere in Canada.

50 Ways You Can Take Your Loved One on a Date

If you need some ideas, here are 50 ways you can take your significant other on a date.

1. Go hiking and enjoy the scenic route


If both of you are outdoorsy people, consider taking a hike and the scenic route. Luckily, Canada is home to some of the most stunning landscapes. One such hiking route is the West Coast Trail located in British Columbia. For those interested, this might be the place for you.

This 75-kilometer trail is located in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve on Vancouver Island. You’ll get a beautiful ocean view, stand on sandy beaches, ride cable cars, and more. This is an adventure in and of itself.

Another beautiful hiking trail you can choose is the Grey Owl Trail located in Manitoba. You’ll walk along a path with an array of stunning flowers and equally beautiful butterflies. At the halfway mark, you’ll also encounter a rustic log cabin perfect for a short break or a picnic.

2. Go to a harvest festival

A harvest festival is a celebration of the food the land has grown. Canada, for instance, celebrates Thanksgiving which is an autumn festival. During Thanksgiving, there are many fun-filled activities you and your partner can participate in. Join the fun and go to a harvest festival.

3. Go kayaking

Do something adventurous and go kayaking. You’ll be sitting on a boat and paddling or moving over the water. It’s a new and different way to explore Canada. Some top kayaking tours in Canada are Campbell River Whale Watching and Adventure Tours and the Ucluelet harbor Kayaking Tour.

4. Visit the museum

Casa loma
Casa Loma Toronto

Celebrate the gift of knowledge together and visit a museum. Learn something new in the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto or visit the Art Gallery and marvel at the paintings and sculptures.

5. Go apple picking

If it’s apple picking season, take your date to an apple-picking orchard. Some of the best orchards in Canada are Downey’s Apple Farm, Chudleigh’s, Taves Family Farms, and Noggins Corner Farmer Market. Enjoy the calming and joyful environment as well as the apple picking experience.

6. Stay in and watch a movie

We know. Staying in and watching a movie doesn’t seem that creative but, there’s a reason why most people still continue to do this on date nights. Staying in allows you to bond together in a comfortable and known environment. Watching a movie can give you something to bond over and enjoy together.

7. Dine in a delicious restaurant


Another classic is the date in a restaurant. You might be wanting to try out a new cuisine or visit a new restaurant. Now’s the perfect time to do it. Some fine dining restaurants in Canada are Rimrock Café and L’Oree Du Bois.

8. Watch a movie under the stars

Lay down a blanket, grab your throw pillows, and set up your laptop to watch a movie right under the stars. This can be anywhere from your balcony or backyard to a park.

9. Play fun video games

Laugh, cry, and enjoy time together by playing fun video games. Some great co-op video games to level up your date nights are It Takes Two and Overcooked. It Takes Two is a game surrounding the lives of May and Cody, a couple with an impending divorce and a sweet daughter named Rose.

Magic soon enters their lives, and the quest begins. May and Cod turn into Rose’s handmade dolls. They’ll have to learn to work together if they want to become human again. Have fun jumping, gliding, and flying in this adventurous game.

Overcooked, on the other hand, is a co-op cooking game. It requires teamwork to pass each level. This game will put your relationship to the test. Can you take the pressure? Can you resolve the arguments that are bound to happen? Don’t worry. This game will be incredibly enjoyable.

10. Challenge each other with board games and pranks

Who doesn’t like a good challenge? Host a game night and challenge each other’s skills through board games. You can even play a fun prank on them. Some board and card games you might want to try out are Truth or Dare for Couples, What Do You Meme, and Fog of Love.

11. View street art

street art

Canada is home to cities boasting an array of street art. You might want to visit some of these streets for your date night. Walk the streets of cities such as Montreal and Vancouver. They have some of the most amazing street art. It’s a wonder how these remain free to view.

12. Create a signature drink together

Experiment with different types of beverages. Mix things together. Create a signature drink that perfectly encompasses your relationship and both your characteristics. This is a fun activity you can try that’ll help you laugh and smile.

13. Buy each other something

Most, if not all people enjoy getting something. To show your partner the love and appreciation we’re sure they deserve, get them something special. This can be something big such as a car or a new phone or something small but meaningful such as sentimental items that still have significant meaning and value.

14. Go to the beach

Sugar Beach Toronto
Sugar Beach Toronto

You can never go wrong with going to the beach. There are tons of beaches in Canada. Sink your toes into the sand, soak in the sea, or enjoy a little picnic by the shore. Some of the best beaches in Canada are Grand Beach in Manitoba and Basin Head Beach located in Prince Edward Island.

Grand Beach is a freshwater beach found in Manitoba. If you’ve heard of Canada’s fifth-largest lake, Lake Winnipeg, you’ll know that Grand Beach is located on the shores of said lake. For a more scenic beach, visit the Basin Head Beach in Prince Edward Island. It is known for its white sand, warm water, and beautiful sites.

15. Go dancing

Running out ideas for date night? Bring your loved one out to go dancing. Dancing is and will always be a great way to unwind. It might seem like a typical date night but, dancing is a great way to forget your stress and just have fun in each other’s company.

16. Visit some of Canada’s most beautiful tourist spots

You might live in Canada but, that doesn’t mean you’ve visited the tourist spots Canada has to offer. If you’ve never been to Vieux-Quebec, you’re missing out. Vieux-Quebec, otherwise known as Old Quebec, is a charming district in Quebec City with boutiques and buildings that will transport you back in time.

Another tourist spot that will never grow old is Niagara Falls. Located at the border of the United States and Canada, Niagara Falls is a stunning waterfall you should visit with your date. Enjoy the stunning site by taking a boat ride on Maid of the Mist.

Finally, go on a scenic train ride called the Canadian. This is something you definitely don’t want to miss. It is one of the most popular train rides as it gives you the best view of the landscapes in Canada.

17. Go to the karaoke

Be part of the entertainment and go to the karaoke. Sing your hearts out together and enjoy the company of wonderful music – even though you might not be the best singers. It’s a fun, stress-relieving experience that you’ll enjoy immensely.

18. Go out for tea

tea party

Go full-on Victorian and set up a tea party. Prepare a table filled with the most delicious scones and an array of tea packs. Sate your inner child’s dream to hold a tea party and have fun with it.

19. Go camping

Take time away from life and immerse yourself in nature by going camping. Go on your search engine and find some great campsites near you. In camping, you’ll go on different adventures, see new animals, and bond with the outdoors.

20. Visit a wine brewery

Canada might not be France when it comes to wine but, it still does have amazing wine that stands out from other international brands. Canada makes various wines, from the usual wine to iced wine. Experience this large array and visit one of Canada’s wine breweries.

21. Take an art class together

Art is all about expressing one’s feelings and thoughts. There are tons of art classes around you. You can go to a pottery class or a painting class. It all depends on your interests and which one excites both of you.

22. Go on a road trip

Road trips, albeit exhausting, are incredibly fun if you do them with the people you love. During the road trip, you can talk endlessly or jam to the best music. You can play car games. The possibilities are endless.

23. Go stargazing


The stars are so stunning and so fascinating that people have never gotten bored of them. See what the fuss is all about and go stargazing with your partner on a clear, starry night. You might be able to create images through different constellations. Make sure to be in the moment as you do this. Be present.

24. Build a cozy blanket fort

Get cozy and build a blanket fort together. Some think this activity is childish when this happens to be incredibly fun. It’s a great stress reliever activity and speaks to your inner child as you pick up a blanket and create your fort.

25. Try something new

If you keep doing the same thing or trying the same thing, it might be a good idea to switch things up. Try something new. Have you visited a theme park together? Or roasted marshmallows over a campfire? Get creative and try something new.

26. Go out on a themed date

Dates should have themes. These themes can be anything from your favorite color to shows like Marvel. It’s all up to you and your partner. Choose one theme and base your activities on this theme.

27. Watch a movie in an outdoor cinema

If you’ve become bored with the usual cinema, you can always go outdoors. Bring your car and visit a drive-in cinema. Bring snacks, water, and your significant other. Don’t forget to have fun as you watch the movie.

28. Visit an amusement par

amusement park

This might seem like the oldest trick in the book, but a great date idea is to visit an amusement park. It’s done often for one reason. This is because visiting an amusement park with your date is incredibly enjoyable.

29. Go on a hot air balloon

Do it now if you’ve never been on a hot air balloon. Go on a hot air balloon and feel like you’re dancing on the clouds. Look down and see the beauty of the cities of Canada.

30. Watch the sunset or sunrise

Take Instagram-worthy photos together as the sun rises or sets. You might want to keep these pictures as a memento. Don’t forget to enjoy the sunset or sunrise as well. Don’t just take pictures together and leave.

31. Go ice skating

Ice skating is fun even if you’re trying not to fall half the time. There are hilarious falls and heartwarming moments where you help each other up every time you fall. Ice skating will help you bond with each other.

32. Cook something together

You both might not be expert chefs but, you still know how to have fun in the kitchen. Cook a meal together. This will test your ability not only to cook but to work together as well.

33. Go to the opera

There’s something romantic about the opera. Perhaps it’s the songs or the intricate plots. Whatever it is, it makes for a great environment for a date. If you’re still stumped, bring your partner to the opera and enjoy the masterpiece you’re about to witness.

34. Go for a romantic bike ride

bike ride canada

Nothing beats a romantic bike ride around the cities of Canada. Cities in Montreal are perfect for the activity. Together, you can explore every nook and cranny of this vibrant city. You might discover new spots to hang out, scenic routes you should take, and restaurants to try out in the future.

35. Create a bucket list together

We only live once, and we don’t live forever. Create a list of all the activities you want to do together before you die. This is also a great way to ensure you’ll always have ideas for your next dates.

36. Visit night markets and food stalls

Night markets and food stalls are home to some of the most delicious delicacies in Canada. Visit some of these markets and food stalls for your date and experience what makes Canadian food so good. These markets also allow you to discover other cuisines.

37. Go skinny dipping

Be adventurous for a few hours and go skinny dipping. There are tons of beaches in Canada that allow this. Off the top of our heads, there’s Toronto Island’s Hanlan’s Point. Try this out if you want to be risky and do something different.

38. Experience a live concert

Music isn’t meant to be enjoyed alone. Bring your partner with you to a live concert with your (or their) favorite musicians. Buy some concert tickets and make new memories with your partner.

39. Have a romantic picnic

Nothing beats the classic romantic picnic. Set up a picnic anywhere, whether it be in your backyard or in a park. Make sure to prepare your favorite food and beverages. To host the perfect picnic, make sure to pick the right spot, the right blanket, and the right food and drinks.

A picnic under the sun’s heat can also be uncomfortable. Pick a spot that has some shade or bring umbrellas. You might also want to bring some pillows for extra comfort.

40. Take a walk around the park

There are hundreds of parks in Canada. It would be a shame not to enjoy them. Hand-in-hand, take a walk around the park. You might want to engage in fruitful conversations and use this time to get to know one another.

41. Rent your dream car

dream car

Just because you can’t have or buy your dream car doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to experience riding or driving it. Rent your dream car and go on a road trip. Make sure not to waste your money and enjoy what this car has to offer. Make your dream come true even if it is just for a few hours or days.

42. You can never go wrong with paintballs

Celebrate a special occasion by visiting the paintball arenas all over Canada. One great paintball arena is Defcon Paintball. Engage in some friendly competition with your date or encourage teamwork as you either team up or go against each other in a paintball fight.

43. Watch a live comedy show

Laugh your hearts out all night by watching a live comedy show. Some top comedians have shows in Canada. Don’t miss out on their stand-ups and jokes by bringing your date to their comedy shows.

44. Go on a cruise

boat cruise

Who doesn’t love to travel? See different parts of the world by going on a cruise. On a cruise, you’ll be able to enjoy their great amenities. The ship will have restaurants serving delicious food, the most comfortable rooms with stunning views, and fun-filled activities you want to participate in.

Enjoy these cruises with the ones you love and bring them along. It is always a great idea to have them with you as you make new memories.

45. Wear your best outfits and drink delicious cocktails

This is it. This is your opportunity to be the main characters in a James Bond movie. Wear your best outfits and serve up some delicious cocktails. Have the night of your lives with delicious beverages in hand. You might want to try a martini. Shaken not stirred, of course.

46. Build a campfire

A campfire is often associated with fun memories. From roasting marshmallows to telling scary stories, campfires remain an enjoyable activity. Make it a mission to build a campfire and start roasting marshmallows as you bond over some of the most hilarious, scary, or amazing stories.

47. Have a spa day

You both deserve to rest and recuperate. More importantly, you two deserve to spend money on yourselves. Visit a nearby spa and have a spa day. Relax together, use the date to unwind, and let go of all the stress that may be polluting your life.

48. Play some mini-golf


You can never go wrong with mini-golf. This is, and will always be, a fun and interactive activity you can use to bond with your date. Mini golf courses contain fun obstacles, sharp turns, and bridges, making this activity even more interesting and challenging. 

49. Try a DIY food kit

A DIY food kit is a new way to try out new cuisines and different food. You can prepare culinary masterpieces even if you’re a novice chef. A DIY food kit can help you make anything from simple to adventurous and new food. Try buying a food kit and preparing a meal together for your date night. You don’t need to be Gordon Ramsay to create intricate dishes.

50. Go bowling

You often see people going to the bowling alley for dates in movies. Why not make that a reality? Bring your date to the bowling alley and prepare for some friendly competition. When it comes to bowling, things can get heated as people get more and more competitive but that’s what makes it so much fun. We all need a bit of friendly competition in our lives.

There are many bowling alleys around Canada. A quick search on Google will help you find one nearest you.

The Takeaway

Planning a date is tough. A million questions must be running through your head. Will your date enjoy it? Will you enjoy it? Make sure the date is enjoyable for both of you by using one of the 50 date ideas on this list. Good luck!

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