How Long is Summer Break in Canada?

Most of you are probably here already planning out what you want to do during the summer. Or, you want to know how long you have to wait before it’s summer break again. Don’t worry. Everyone waits for summer break and when it happens, no one wants it to end.

To students, the summer break is one of the best times of the year. Who can blame them? If we’ve pegged you right and you are looking to see how long you have before you have to go to school, this is the guide for you.

How Long is Summer Break in Canada?

Schools in Canada usually give their students 2 months of summer break. The school year begins the first week of September and ends on the last week of June. That gives students July and August for their summer break.

Other Important Holidays During a School Year

Aside from summer break, students still have days off during the school year. There are a few constants. These include Good Friday on April 15, Canada Day on July 1, Labor Day on September 5, and Thanksgiving on October 10.

For Christmas and New Year, these are already covered by the winter break. Winter breaks are usually 2 weeks long. Spring break is also 2 weeks long.

Fun Things to Do in Summer

Planning your summer? You might want to add these activities to your to-do list. They’ll guarantee you a fun time! We’ve mentioned 5 great summer activities below and highly recommend you try them out.

1. Tour your city!

Who said you need to travel out of the country or city to have fun during the summer? That’s not true at all. You can have just as much fun discovering every nook and cranny of your town or city. Bring your friends along. Who knows? You might find some hidden gems that’ll make for a great hangout spot.

2. Travel.

If you prefer to do something different, you can always travel. Travel to new countries, discover the wonders of the world and enjoy living life. You might want to explore different cultures and see how other people live their lives. Travelling will give you more experiences, some experiences you’ll remember for the rest of your lives.

3. Go for a hike.

After being cooped up in the same building for months, you’ll want a breath of fresh air away from the stress caused by homework and pushing yourself every day of the week. Go out for a rejuvenating and refreshing hike. Bring your dog and just have some alone time with nature and with yourself.

4. Learn something new.

The summer break is also a great time to learn something new. You might want to try baking or a new sport. Discovering and exploring are two goals you should achieve during your summer break. When learning something new, make sure you have loads of fun.

5. Backyard stargazing.

Stars are stunning. They definitely deserve all the attention they get but, because of how fast the world moves, you often forget to stop and observe what happens around you. This summer, make it your goal to wind down and just be present in every moment. Backyard stargazing is a great way to start.

The Takeaway

Summer is the perfect time to, as Ralph Waldo Emerson said, live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, and drink in the wild air. Your only problem this summer should be how you can have fun every day of the week. It’s time to let go and live.

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