Does Food Basics Price Match?

Food Basics is one of the leading discount stores in Canada, and it has over 240 branches in Ontario, all to serve the great people of the city. If you shop in Food Basics, you might be interested in knowing if this discount store also offers a price match policy. 

For context, the price match policy is a scheme initiated by discount stores in Canada, and it is established to ensure that its buyers get items at cheaper rates. As good as this scheme is, it is unfortunate that not all discount stores in Canada have that policy. 

So, does Food Basics’ price match? Without mincing words, Food Basics doesn’t have a price match policy. Unlike other famous stores like No Frills, Superstore, and others, Food Basics doesn’t have any policy that allows prices to be matched with any of its competitors. 

What Price Policy Does Food Basics Have?

You might want to ask, if Food Basics doesn’t have a price match policy, what policy have they put in place to ensure that shoppers get the best deals? 

Food Basics have other promising schemes to ensure that their competitors don’t take their customers with the price match policy. Some of the policies that this discount store has put in place include

1. Comparable And Cheaper Prices

Food Basics doesn’t need to match its price with any of its major competitors. This is because all their stocks are sold at comparable and cheaper prices than all their competitors. It means that whatever price match policy that any of their competitors have, Food Basics offers more competitive prices for the stock. 

2. Money Back Policy

This is another scheme that thrills shoppers. It is called the Always Fresh and Always in stock policies. There is a guarantee of money back if a shopper is not pleased with any item that has been purchased.

For instance, they have a wide selection of products on this policy. If any product is not fresh or affordable, shoppers have the right to return it and ask for a refund. With this policy, Food Basics has ensured that all its items are fresh, always in stock, and sold at cheaper rates. 


Why Does Food Basics Not Price Match? 

The reason why Food Basics does not price match is not far-fetched. So many discount stores in Canada have implemented the price match policy, which would not give a chance for other strategic competitive development. This could be why Food Basics has chosen not to concern itself with the policy. 

Their intention not to join the bandwagon has given them an advantage. And this has helped them implement other strategic policies that make them different from others. As stated earlier, they have the money-back guarantee scheme under the Always Fresh and Always-in-stock policy umbrella. 

Does Food Basics Sell Items At Discount Rate?

The price match policy only ensures that items are sold at affordable rates. While Food Basics may not officially declare its interest in such policy, they have other policies that still mirror the same interest. 

They Always promise Great Prices on all essential items. This promise aims to ensure that items are sold at affordable prices compared to all recognized competitors. Also, there is an Always Fresh and Always in stock promise, ensuring shoppers get the best deals from every shopping spree. 

Does Food Basics Price Match No Frills

No, Food Basics doesn’t price match No Frills. This is because Food Basics has an in-house pricing policy that ensures that items are sold at cheaper rates. And it is this exact reason why Food Basics doesn’t price match with any discount store known for a price match policy. 

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Take Away 

Now you know that Food Basics doesn’t price match, and this knowledge will save you the stress and disappointment of expecting a price match with any of their competitors. 

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