10 Best Things on Tim Hortons Menu

Popular for coffee and baked foods, Tim Horton is Canada’s spot for a tasty and legendary dessert menu. The multinational restaurant is pegged the home of Canada’s favourite coffee. Boasting a cool ambiance, exceptional service, and dining experience, the food franchise is one of the longest-running restaurant chains in the region.

Their motto “Always Fresh” isn’t just a saying; it depicts their quality services. Are you in or around Canada? Step in and grab a bite of some of the best meals on Tim Horton’s menu. If you’re tired of ordering the same food and drink items, why not spice things up a bit by trying something new.

Tim Hortons Menu – Best Things to Try

Tim Hortons Menu Canada
Popular Foods on Tim Hortons Uber Eats Menu

These are some of our favourite things to try at Timmy’s. You can order them on Uber Eats or walk into any Tim Hortons near you.

Tim’s Orginal Coffee

If you’re a die-hard coffee lover you’d want to try Tim’s original black coffee known as the Original Blend Coffee. There are many reasons to try Tim’s black coffee from the cultural relevance (if you’re new to Canada), and that strong earthy taste and smell. You can get it in small, medium, or large sizes.

French Vanilla

If you’ve never heard of Timmy’s French Vanilla, you’re probably new to Canada! This french vanilla coffee drink is so good it’s borderline addictive. If you’re looking for a quick energy boost and tasty drink, try this one!

Tim Horton Bagels

OK, it might not exactly be a New York bagel, but Timmy’s bagels still hold their own. There are so many varieties, with new ones being introduced regularly. We recommend starting with the plain bagel and Everything Bagel, of course!


Everyone loves these bite-sized morsels. Available in various snack pack sizes, Timbits are ideal for parties, meetings, and outdoor events.

The fast-food company has this snack in different flavours: apple fritter, honey dip, blueberry, sour cream glazed, raspberry, and others. You can’t be a true Canadian and haven’t eaten this classic treat.

Mac and Cheese

Incredible best describe this meal. Satisfy your tummy cravings with cups of mac and cheese. Taste the creamy goodness and keep ordering for more.

The elbow macaroni noodles simmered in a rich and creamy cheese sauce make the meal taste like a homemade dish.

Pulled Pork Sandwich

A mix of sweet and sour flavour, pulled pork sandwiches taste like barbecue sauce. Sauce steamrolls the reheated pork, giving the sandwich a distinct flavour. This treat is a must-have.

Grilled Cheese

Tim Horton is quite adept at making cheese. Ideal for lunch breaks and after-school treats, grilled cheese is always served hot.

Featuring an outer coating of shredded, melted, and grilled mozzarella cheese with a filling of processed cheddar, this sandwich is more flavourful than you can imagine. Want a drink with your meal? Coffee and cheese seem like a perfect combination.

Iced Coffee

Do you want to relax over a cup of coffee? The premium blend iced beverage will be an ideal drink for you.

Whether mocha, caramel, and vanilla, you’re in for some creamy and sweet moments. Iced coffee is a popular menu item among Canadians. You should try it as well.

Pumpkin Hot Spice Chocolate

This hot chocolate makes you feel like it’s fall. For an adult treat, add bourbon to it. You can’t say no to pumpkin puree topped with dark or white chocolate.

It makes an excellent breakfast when served with frittata and buttermilk pumpkin pancakes.

Chocolate Cheesecake Donut

A perfect complement for coffee, this specialty dessert is made in the shape of a flower encrusted with chocolate icing.

The middle is layered with white fondant and creamy cheesecake for that crunchy feel.

Hash brown

Who can resist a hash brown? Definitely not you! Have a refreshing breakfast with golden hash brown added to your sandwich.

With a crispy exterior and well-garnished interior, hash brown is served warm as a complement to any breakfast.

Breakfast Wrap

Want to spice up your breakfast? Grilled breakfast wrap is the perfect one for you.

You can choose any of these options: farmer’s breakfast, snackers, bacon grilled, and sausage grilled wraps. Get egg-cited with breakfast wraps!


Muffins serve as morning or late-night snacks. Regardless of the variety, you’ll enjoy every bite; I sure did when I tried them! While the tops are firm, the bottoms are usually moist and soft. Relish every bite of Timmy’s moist, sweet muffin bursting with bittersweet chocolate chips.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best sandwich at Tim Hortons?

Turkey sausage breakfast sandwich is the best among Tim Horton’s sandwiches. It features turkey, egg white, and cheese. It contains a considerable amount of calories just in case you’re counting.

What is the healthiest thing to eat at Tim Hortons?

Turkey club is the healthiest meal to eat at Tim Hortons. Typically, turkey and bacon are ingredients used in making the club sandwich. The coffee giant gives clients the privilege of modifying their orders. For a healthy meal, turkey, lettuce, tomato, and honey mustard sauce are used for the turkey club.

What is the best Tim Hortons drink?

Flavored hot chocolate, French vanilla, cotton candy chill, coffee crisp hot chocolate, and chocolate Timbits iced capp rank among the best drinks at Tim Hortons.

Are Tim Hortons’ hash browns deep fried?

No, they are oven-toasted.

What should I order from Tim Hortons?

You can order cinnamon rolls, bagels, muffins, coffee, Timbits, grilled cheese, cookies, among others.

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