Does Superstore Price Match in Canada?

As a regular shopper at Superstore in Canada, you may want to know if the discount store offers a price match policy. This will help you make get amazing deals as you continue to shop from the store. 

Yes, Superstore offers a price match policy. The primary motive of this is to ensure they match their price with any identical products advertised by recognized competitors. But there are conditions.

How To Benefit From Superstore Price Match Policy

The Superstore Price Match Policy states that Show us a lower advertised price on an identical item and we will match it. This means, that before you can enjoy the price match policy, you must tender an advert on an identical item. 

The advert must be from any of the stores’ competitors. And the list of competitors is determined only by the Superstore itself. When you show it to the cashier at any Superstore near you, it will be verified. After verification, you will be able to buy items at cheaper rates. 

This sounds good, right? However, before you think you have found a treasure chest, there are a few things you must have in mind. 

The policy only applies to the supermarket’s major competitors. And it must be a print advert in Ontario. The advert you are presenting must either be in a flyer or newspaper. A digital advert is not allowed. 

The advert must be from one of the supermarket’s listed competitors. And this list is determined by Superstore itself and it changes from time to time due to numerous factors. 

The product advertised must be identical items. This means it must be the same in brand, size, weight, and item type. If it is a produce like meat and baked goods, it must be the same in size and features. 

This policy does not apply to products with multi-buys. Products that sell like buy one and get one for free. Also, the price match policy doesn’t apply to products on a loyalty program. 

The supermarket reserve the sole right to cancel or change the terms of this policy. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Superstore Price Match Policy

Is Superstore in every city in Canada?

Yes, Superstore is in all the 7 Canadian provinces. However, it may not be known as Superstore in all the 7 provinces. For instance, it is called Atlantic Superstore in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. 

Can I Claim The Superstore Price Match Policy in Any Canadian Provinces? 

Well, only Superstore reserves the right to determine that. This is because they have a list of identified competitors. And this list is based on several factors which can change at any time. 

The best way to know is to check their website to know if you can claim the price match policy in your location. 

What products are included under the price match policy?

Like every price match policy, there are numerous criteria that products under the Superstore price match policy must meet before they can be approved. 

The first criterion is that the competitor’s product advertised must be the same as Superstores’. It must be the same in brand, weight, size, and item type. If it is a produce, like meat and other baked goods, they must have the same size and other features. 

Meanwhile, there are some exemptions to products or produce that qualify for the Superstore price match policy. Some of the exemptions include:

  • Items in multi-buy offers don’t qualify. E.g Buy one Get one for free items.
  • Items that are part of the loyalty program

How Do I Know The Stores That Are Listed As Superstore Competitors? 

There are determinant factors and these factors are determined by Superstore. So it makes it hard to know the stores that are listed under superstore competitors. 

You can walk into any superstore outlet close to you to ask. 

Final Word

Price matching is a great way to get the most amazing deals on every item you purchase. You can use the guidelines explained in this article to claim your price match at Superstore. 

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