Does No Frills Price Match in Canada?

No Frills was established in 1978 in the city of Toronto. Since its establishment, No Frills has become one of the leading discount stores in Canada with over 250 stores in different provinces of Canada. But does No Frills have a price policy that matches that of its competitors? 

Find out everything you wish to know about the No Frills price policy in the rest of the article. 

Does No Frills price match in Canada?

Yes. No Frills does price match. The No Frill price match falls under the umbrella of their Won’t Be Beat program. They simply look out for the price rate of their listed competitors and give reasonable discounts on their items to match the price of other competitors. 

While other pricing policies seem static, No Frills price match is quite dynamic. There are so many factors that affect the price match for No Frills. And all of these factors are subject to change depending on the store. 

How to Benefit From No Frills Price Match

To benefit from this scheme is quite simple. First, you must have found one of No Frills’ listed competitors advertising one of their products at a lower price. Go to the No Frills store close to you and show the advertisement to the cashier. They accept both digital and print formats of advertisement. 

Once it is presented, the employee will verify that the product advertised by the competitor is in alignment with the No Frills’ price match requirement. After the verification, a discount will be applied to ensure that their price matches that of their competitor. 

Under the No Frills Won’t Be Beat price policy, the discount store promise to ensure its pricing matches that of any of its listed competitors. To fully benefit from this policy, you must ensure the following. 

  • The advert must be from one of the No Frills approved competitors
  • The product advertised must have similar features to the one sold on No Frills. It must be the same brand, weight, size, and others)
  • The size must be indicated
  • You must be able to prove that the item is not sold by a retailer associated with No Frills
  • The date must be indicated

If you follow these guidelines, you will have your price match claim verified without stress. 

What is No Frills’s Price Adjustment Policy?

As of 2022, No Frills offers a price match policy. However, the discount store has not offered anything like a price adjustment policy in 2022. 

Can items on sale be price adjusted at No Frills?

Since No Frills doesn’t have any price adjustment policy, items on sale can be price adjusted. 

What products are included under the price match policy?

Like every price match policy, there are numerous criteria that products under the No Frills price match promise must fulfill before being approved. 

The first criterion is that the competitor’s product advertised must be the same as No Frills. It must be the same in brand, weight, size, and item type. If it is a produce, like meat and other baked goods, they must have the same size and other attributes. 

Meanwhile, there are some exemptions to products or produce that qualify for the No Frills Won’t Be Beat Program. Some of the exemptions include:

  • Items in multi-buy offers don’t qualify. E.g Buy one Get one for free items.
  • Items that are part of the loyalty program
  • Items shipped or sold by a 3rd party retailer on Marketplace
  • Items sold and shipped by 3rd party sellers associated with No Frills

Also, it is important to know that the Won’t Be Beat policy only applies to the department that is part of the No Frill Franchise. 

Does No Frills Price Match Giant Tiger?

The parameters to determine if the No Frills price match policy matches Giant Tiger are determined by using different modalities. All of the factors are decided by No Frills. So it is hard to tell if No Frills’ price matches Giant Tiger’s. 

To know which discount stores that No Frills price match, you should visit the nearest No Frills store close to you. 

Now you know everything about the No Frills Price match policy. Use the guidelines in this article to enjoy the Won’t Be Beat policy of this discount store. 

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