8 Places to Get Free Perfume Samples in Canada

Virtually everyone loves to smell nice! While some perfumes are applied after makeup, others serve as a finishing element after dressing up. Kate Lord Brown, in her book, “The Perfume Garden,” quipped: “Perfume is the key to our memories.” Fragrances leave a lasting smell even after the wearer leaves the place. They can enliven one’s mood and revive you.

Little wonder essential oils and the scent of flowers like Jasmine are often recommended for relaxation routines. Inhale lovely fragrance and envision yourself in a scenic place. Besides being a mood booster, perfume makes you confident and gives your home a sweet smell. From admiring the liquid in bottles to perceiving fragrances that make you feel relaxed, perfumes arouse something in us.

Are you sampling perfumes? Do you want to try out some free perfume samples before making a purchasing decision? Perhaps you want free products; there are platforms where you can get them. In this article, we’ll be considering some of the platforms where you can get free perfumes in Canada.

Ready to become a perfume sampler in Canada? Let’s dive in!

How can you find free perfume samples?

There are various means you can source for free fragrance samples. If you’re looking for platforms to get these products, there are some online and offline. While Google seems like one of the easiest places to source for samples, some other platforms may require you to answer survey questions to obtain these freebies. We’ve compiled a list of places where you can lay hold on some free samples. Let’s get started!

1. SampleSource

If you want to get free samples in the mail, you’d want to check out SampleSource. With SampleSource, you get free samples of makeup, beauty care, household cleaning, even food and snacks! To get started, all you need to to is to simply signup and tell them a bit about yourself, your lifestyle, and what products you like. Learn more about SampleSource.

2. Amazon

Another website that gives freebies is Amazon. To qualify as a recipient, you’ll need to register for the free program and select categories you’re opting for so you’ll be included in the list. This scheme works so that whenever a vendor seeks to promote their business on Amazon by offering free samples, which will be sent to you.

3. Canadianfreestuff.com

This is your one-stop shop for free samples, coupons, contests, giveaways and deals. Canadians are the most eligible for these freebies. Delivery can take up to eight weeks. If you’re looking for free products, Canadian freestuff is the place to be.

4. Canadian Savers

Do you want to get some free perfumes? Canadian Savers is your go-to. On this site, you can get free samples, earn points and win prizes. Besides perfumes, beauty products are also inclusive. Free samples are posted daily. Once you’re subscribed to the newsletter, you’ll be notified about free products up for grabs. Do you intend to pay a visit to the store? Inform the sales attendant that you’re considering picking up some new fragrances. You never can tell, you might get a freebie.

5. Luckyscent

Are you looking for the best selection of niche perfumes, fragrances and candles? Luckyscent is your best option. This site ship products to over 40 countries, including Canada.

6. Product review site

Most brands, including startups, need reviews for brand exposure. They need to increase the visibility of their products to boost their businesses. For your candid and honest opinions, these brands give you free products. Some of these product review sites include BzzAgent, free.ca among others. Most of these review sites don’t just offer free samples, they give full-sized products as well.

7. Magazines

Are you an avid reader of magazines? You’re more likely to come across free perfume samples. Most women’s fashion magazines feature them. Free cologne samples are advertised in men’s magazines. There are free magazines online where you can find these freebies. Some of them include Sweet Free Stuff and Hunt4Freebies. These magazines are often mailed to you.

8. ChickAdvisor

This website offers you free samples in exchange for reviews of the products. You’ll need to sign up and review at least 5 products on ChickAdvisor before you will be eligible for product testing. Following the sign up, you will receive a mail to complete a “Get to know you” survey.

If you want to get notifications about upcoming events or programs, you’ll need to sign up for newsletter. You will receive free samples each month you share feedbacks about products. From perfume to health and beauty products, there’s a lot this platform offers.

Want to grab some free perfumes? Try the above-listed platforms. In choosing a fragrance, apply it on your wrist to perceive the smell. This helps in determining the strength of the fragrance

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