10 Best Things to Get on White Spot Menu

Best Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, White Spot is Canada’s longest-standing and reputable food chain restaurant. They’re known for premium quality, tasty meals, and great hospitality.

At the popular restaurant, they source freshest, local ingredients for their menu items. This has endeared them to many customers and recognition as one of the most loved and iconic brands in British Columbia.

Are you in Canada for the first time? Do you want to have a sweet-savouring experience of the much-talked-about menu at White Spot? Here are some of the best menu items at the prestigious food company.

1. Turkey Avocado Breakfast Wrap

What is more satisfying than warm, toasted bread spread with creamy mashed potatoes?

Perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this is the ultimate, savoury egg recipe. The whole-grain toast is encrusted with mashed avocado, smoked turkey and a runny fried egg.

2. Southwest Chicken Quesadilla

Indulge yourself with the Southwest Chicken Quesadilla recipe. If you’re looking for a means to eat all your favourite foods in one menu, this is it.

The tortillas are layered with melty cheese, chicken, corn, green chilis and black beans. Are you famished? This will be your go-to meal if you need satisfactory food. Relish every bite of this.

Quesadilla is healthier, less expensive, and easy to prepare. Just place an order, and it will be delivered within a short period.

3. Mushroom Gruyère Flatbread

Topped with marinated mushrooms and gruyere cheese is mushroom gruyère flatbread, an easy appetizer or snack for your next holiday event.

Also a vegetarian entree, the flatbread is three-layered with the base encrusted with minced mushrooms, shallots and garlic. The other layers are encrusted with caramelized onions, rosemary and melty gruyere cheese.

Flavours from each ingredient blend perfectly to create a delicious taste. This comfort food is quite impressive, so grab some for yourself.

4. Sweet Potato Fries

Crispy and perfectly seasoned best describe this menu. Sweet potato fries can be deep-fried or baked to a golden brown colour.

You can serve your fries alongside sandwiches or grilled meats. Irrespective of how it’s prepared, you can never go wrong with sweet potato fries. It’s simply irresistible.

5. Pancakes for Pirates

Do you have a 10-year old or younger kid? This is the perfect treat for them. Inspired by the pirate theme, this menu will cheer up your child when they’re grumpy.

The four fluffy buttermilk cakes and warm syrup are a must-have for children.

6. Oatmeal & Apple Braised Farro

Do you love hot cereals for breakfast? Oatmeal and apple braised farro will be an ideal meal for you. Farro is quite chewy and sweet hence the tasty feel.

When served with fruits, it’s a delightful meal to have. If you’re looking for a healthy meal to munch on, oatmeal and apple braised farro seem like a good choice.

7. Mimosa

What’s a better drink to serve at brunch than a great mimosa with orange or pink grapefruit juice?

This cocktail is fun, light, and fizzy. Are you hosting a special occasion? Mimosa should be on the menu.

8. Poutine

This is one of Canada’s classic dishes. Poutine features deep-fried fries, gravy, and white cheddar cheese curds rolled together.

The delectable meal forms the ideal late-night snack. Best eaten with a fork, poutine is extra crispy and tasty.

9. Chicken Caesar Wrap

Lunch has been made easy with chicken caesar wrap. This menu is flavourful and wrapped with pre-cooked shredded chicken.

Want more of a picnic feel? Serve alongside cold salads. Are you looking for a healthy kid-friendly meal for your child? Chicken caesar wrap is your best choice.

10. Hot Chicken Salad

This dish feature a creamy chicken filling and crunchy potato chip topping. Hot chicken salad is a retro favourite and great comfort food eaten any time of the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Whitespot have an all-day breakfast?

No, breakfast is ready for dine-in, delivery, or takeout from the morning to 3 pm. The White Spot breakfast package includes Turkey Breakfast Wrap, Classic Benedict, Cheesesteak Hash, etc.

What comes on a legendary burger?

A legendary burger features a quarter pound of beef along with lettuce, tomato, and the restaurant’s signature sauce.

Is white Spot in the USA?

White Spot is a Canadian restaurant chain based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The food franchise is popular for its hamburgers, milkshakes, and others. White Spot has over 100 locations in British Columbia, Alberta, and Asia.

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