10 Best Weed Killers in Canada

It’s quite annoying to see weeds sprouting, after mowing your lawn and trimming your flowerbeds, fences, and sidewalks. This can make your lawn unattractive. While you can handpick some of these weeds, you can’t possibly pluck numerous weeds because it’s just tedious. Thanks to weed killers, you can kill a wide variety of weeds quickly and efficiently.

With various weed killers out there, it’s quite an arduous task to make the right choice.

We’ve created a guide that will help you in making the right decision. You’ll also get a scoop of what to look for in a weed killer. Let’s get started!

What to Look out for in a Weed Killer

If you’re searching for the best weed killer for your lawn, you need to consider some features before making a purchasing decision.

This will enable you to choose the right one. We’ve made the search a lot easier for you.

Have a look at the top things to keep in mind before selecting a weed killer.

Plant Type

Some weed killers are formulated to target specific plant species. For lawns, it’s best to opt for a selective herbicide that will eliminate only the weeds.

If you’re using the weed killer for your garden, ensure it won’t harm your edible plants.

Are you looking to clear the vegetation infested by weeds? A non-selective weed killer will be ideal.

Rate of Effectiveness

Weed attack can make your lawn unattractive and reduce its aesthetic value.

How effective is the weed killer you’re choosing? Does it prevent future weed growth? Think about this before selecting any product.

Check the ingredients of the product to determine its effectiveness. Some potent weed killer chemicals are Glyphosphate and Imazapyr.

Ensure you look out for these ingredients in product selection.


Would you opt for a weed killer that kills weeds once or instead, go for a product that prevents the regrowth of unwanted plants? Consider this as well.

Best Weed Killers

Check information about the weed killer before making a purchase. If you plan to introduce new plants, it’s ideal to choose a non-selective formula.

1. ORTHO KILLEX Lawn Weed Killer

ORTHO KILLEX effectively kills over 50 different lawn weeds, including ragweed, dandelions, ground ivy, plantains, and clover.

This concentrated formula can cover a vast expanse of land ravaged by weeds. You can apply the concentrate on your lawn using the Scotts Dial ‘N Spray Hose-End Sprayer or tank sprayer.

You need not worry about your lawn as the formula won’t harm it in any way. For lawns of 5 square metres, mix 6 mL per litre of water with the weed killer.

With lots of positive reviews, it’s not surprising that ORTHO KILLEX Lawn Weed Killer is ranked among the best weed killers online.

2. Roundup

The Roundup concentrate offers an ergonomic and cost-efficient means to remove undesirable plants in large areas. This one comes with a Heavy-duty poly wand and 4-gallon sprayer.

Want to give your lawn that pristine look? You might want to opt for this weed killer.

Packed in a jug or gallon option, Roundup is ideal for grass weeds, non-crop areas, industrial sites, and trees.

Known for its dual action, the concentrate prevents weeds from sprouting and kills existing ones. With this formula, your lawn can stay weed-free.

3. Fiesta Broadleaf Weed Killer

Fiesta Broadleaf Weed Killer

This low-risk selective weed killer leaves your lawns healthy and weed-free.

From dandelion to white clover, Canada thistle, and English daisy, this iron-based herbicide works effectively on golf courses, cemeteries, parks, etc.

Apply on weeds and see results within 24 to 48 hours. When Fiesta Broadleaf Weed Killer is applied to plants, it’s quickly absorbed by plant tissues and transported to the roots for assimilation.

The herbicide leaves an odourless smell when used on lawns. Looking for environmentally friendly weed control? This is it!

4. Ortho Nutsedge Killer for Lawns – BUDGET FRIENDLY

The ready-to-use herbicide effectively kills over 50 weeds, including Northern and Southern turf grasses, chickweed, knotweed, purple and yellow nutsedge killing, plantain, spurge, and clover, among others.

Made with 1.40% Sulfentrazone, Ortho Nutsedge Killer for Lawns controls the growth of grasses, such as fine and tall fescue, carpet grass, perennial ryegrass, etc.

It’s best to apply weed killer on weeds when they’re less than 3 inches for successful outcomes.

5. WEEDEX Weed Control Concentrate

WEEDEX Weed Control

This concentrate makes weed control an easy and stress-free chore. Just apply selectively to affected areas to keep weeds in check.

The selective application beats broadcast spraying as there’s no harm done to flowers or shrubs.

Mostly used on dandelions and broadleaf weeds, WEEDEX Weed Control Concentrate has been proven to be effective when applied to growing weeds.

6. Killex 1L Concentrate

Rid your flower beds and lawns of weeds with Killex 1L Concentrate!

Whether you’re controlling dandelions, ragweed, or ground ivy, this herbicide can reduce the growth of many lawn weeds.

The concentrated formula can cover up to 800square meters. If you’re tired of seeing weeds pop up on your lawn, you should try this weed killer.

You need not worry about ruining your lawn. It’s safely guarded against harmful elements.

7. Hi-Yield Killzall Weed and Grass Killer

Hi-Yield Killzall Weed and Grass Killer

Perfect for killing stubborn weeds, the all-purpose weed and grass killer is used in patios, curbs, near fences, and driveways.

Containing double surfactant, which enables weed spray clings to plant leaves, Hi-Yield Killzall Weed and Grass Killer have high killing potency on weeds and grasses.

The non-selective post-emergence herbicide dries up quickly so you can begin planting. Ideal for spot-treating unwanted plants in the garden, the herbicide requires 7-14 days to rid your lawn of weeds completely.

8. Safer’s 04-5100CAN TopGun Weed Killer

The active, non-selective herbicide is used on various grasses, weeds, around fences, gravel, sidewalks, and others.

You’ll receive visible results on the application of this weed killer. If you’re planting soon, you can use it on ridges prior to cultivation for pretreatment purposes.

Made from naturally occurring fatty acids, Safer’s 04-5100CAN TopGun Weed Killer leaves no soil residue after use on lawns.

9. Scotts Weed B Gon Concentrate

Scotts Weed B Gon Concentrate

Take out unwanted plants from among your lawn with this weed control agent.

Made with chelated iron, Scotts Weed Concentrate eliminate weeds without harming your lawn.

With this product, you need not go through the stress of hand-pulling weeds, apply the herbicide and see results within a short time.

You can use a handheld or backpack sprayer to spray the chemical substances on the lawn.

The weed control suppresses the activities of Kentucky bluegrass, fescue, and perennial ryegrass. For high-performance, use every three to four weeks when necessary.

10. Wilson Wipeout Ultra 1-L

The weed killer controls weeds around fences, patios, gardens, and walkways. Wilson Wipeout leaves no soil residue after spraying on the affected areas.

When sprayed on plants, it’s rapidly absorbed, giving visible results within a short period. It’s more effective in cool temperatures, most especially around 15°C.

The herbicide is quite gentle on lawns. It’s best to apply the weed killer during spring or summer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most effective weed killer?
Ortho Groundclear Weed and Grass Killer, Eco Garden Pro Weed and Grass Killer, Ortho Nutsedge Killer for Lawns rank among the most effective weed killer.

Does vinegar kill weeds permanently?
Yes, it does. Using vinegar proves to be a natural way to eliminate weeds from your garden or lawn.

How do I get rid of weeds naturally?
You can use vinegar, salt, and dish soap to clear out weeds. This is a cheap way of controlling the weed. While handpicking is another means to wipe out these undesirable plants, herbicides are more efficient.

It’s over to you. Which weed killer are you choosing for your lawn? Let us know in the comments box.

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