10 Lovely Picnic Baskets to Get in Canada

What’s a better way to enjoy summer picnics than with a spectacular picnic basket? Whether you’re on a romantic date, group outing, or family picnic, investing in a picnic basket adds to your picnicking experience and pleasure.

The best picnic basket gives a nostalgic feeling. Most of these baskets are packed with utensils, cutlery, blankets, napkins, etc. Gather all your favourite nibbles and set out for a picnic. We’ve created a list of lovely picnic baskets to get in Canada. Bon appetit!

What to look out for in a picnic basket


While wooden and wicker picnic baskets are in vogue, there are other options made from insulated materials. If you want a unique design, you might want to opt for a wicker basket. If you’re concerned about durability, convenience, and easy cleaning, you should consider options made from canvas.


Picnic baskets come in various sizes. You can purchase baskets for a group as large as eight or small as two. If you’re going on a picnic with a large group, a big, bulky basket will be a suitable option. Are you picnicking alone or with a partner? Consider a small choice.


Some picnic baskets are equipped with accessories such as plates, wine glasses, napkins, among others. For improved functionality, you might want to opt for a picnic basket with accessories.

Our Top Picks

1. HappyPicnic Basket Willow for 4 Persons

HappyPicnic Basket Willow for 4 Persons

Item Weight: 5.7 Pounds

Item dimensions: 45.2 x 30.5 x 19.1 centimeters

Style: Vintage

The picnic suitcase hamper set comes with 4 stainless steel service sets, plates, wine glasses, cotton napkins, and an extra picnic blanket.

HappyPicnic Willow Basket is crafted from durable fabric and lined with waterproof material to prevent moisture from wet grass. The basket side is strapped for easy adjustability and maneuverability.

It features a cooler compartment for preserving food and beverage. This luxury picnic basket makes an ideal romantic or gift for outdoor camping, picnic and birthday.

2. Picnic Time Pioneer Picnic Basket with Deluxe Service for Two

Picnic Time Pioneer Picnic Basket with Deluxe Service for Two

Colour Name: Tan/Burgundy Plaid

This basket has everything you need for an idyllic picnic. Made with adventurers in mind, Picnic Time Picnic Basket is packed with plates, glasses, cotton napkins, tablecloth, cheese knife, food storage container and cotton board.

It’s also easy to clean and has ample space for many essentials. Though the picnic basket is high-priced, it’s a worthwhile investment.

3. Picnic Time Heart Willow Basket

Picnic Time Heart Willow Basket

Colour: Tan

Item Weight: 9.9 Pounds

Item Dimensions: 45.1 x 38.7 x 26.7 centimeters

Style: Contemporary

This heart-shaped willow basket is sturdily built with a well-lined interior and matching linens. With this picnic basket, love and romance keep staring at you and your partner as you relish a meal in the park.

The heart picnic basket will have lovebirds spellbound. It’s equipped with dark brown leather straps which secure picnic accessories like the hardwood cutting board, corkscrew, porcelain plates, salt, flatware, and pepper shakers.

The interior is lined with cotton, eyelet edging, matching tablecloth, and napkins. If you’re looking for a perfect wedding or anniversary gift, this is your best fit. Are you having a romantic rendezvous? This will come in handy.

4. G GOOD GAIN Picnic Basket Set

G GOOD GAIN Picnic Basket Set

Suitable for 4 people, G GOOD GAIN Picnic Basket Set contains 1 integrated bottle opener, 1 mat, 4 stainless steel forks, 4 stainless steel spoons, 4 plates, 4 stainless steel knives, and 4 glass wine glasses.

This willow picnic basket will be a good choice when picnicking in the summer. The handwoven basket has a durable leather handle for easy carrying. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll like this classic design. The fine craftsmanship and design make this basket set spot on.

While you might want to gift someone this, you’ll want to have one as well. G GOOD GAIN Picnic Basket Set tick all the right boxes from the colour to the design and quality.



Item Weight: 5 Pounds

Item Dimensions: 45 x 34.8 x 19.6 centimeters

CALIFORNIA PICNIC Basket Set is eco-friendly, fully insulated, and comes with strong leather straps. The multifunctional basket serves a purpose at picnics and other events.

With this basket set, you have a money-back guarantee. Pack your snacks, fruits, and beverages in this spacious basket, then hit the road.

You can’t resist the aesthetics. Costing $72, CALIFORNIA PICNIC Basket Set features all that you’ll need for a great picnic experience.

6. Picnic Time Piccadilly Basket

Picnic Time Piccadilly Basket

Colour Name: Natural, Anthology Collection

Item dimensions: 40.6 x 24.1 x 36.8 centimeters

Go old school with this Piccadilly Basket. The picnic set of 2 is a classic design with a double lid and woven-willow build. There’s space for all your goodies. The lined interior features a roll-up flatware pouch.

Wine glasses, plates, and corkscrew are attached to the bottom of the lids. For a good grip on the basket, the wicker handle is made wide. From the red colour to the white lining and wicker, all the features complement themselves.

7. ZORMY Picnic Basket

ZORMY Picnic Basket

Colour Name: Stripe, Red Check

Are you planning to go on a picnic? Get this premium picnic basket. Crafted from sturdy material, ZORMY Picnic Basket is built to last for years while preserving picnic contents.

The picnic basket is equipped with luxury faux leather straps to safeguard its components, so they don’t fall off. Each cutlery is strapped; thus, you won’t have to search when you need them.

With porcelain plates, forks, spoons, wine glasses, knives, corkscrew, and bottle opener, ZORMY Picnic Basket is a complete package.

8. Nature Gear Upgraded Picnic Basket

Nature Gear Upgraded Picnic Basket

Material: Wicker

Colour: Red

Create special picnic moments with this upgraded picnic basket! It’s packed with 4 sets of dinnerware, matching napkins, a bottle opener, and wine glasses for a pleasurable dining experience.

Nature Gear comes with an insulated lining to control the temperature of foods, fruits, desserts, and beverages. The hamper makes picturesque views at outdoor events. Nature Gear picnic basket isn’t only classic; it’s a great buy.

9. Picnic Time Canasta Picnic Basket

Picnic Time Canasta Picnic Basket

Colour Name: Grande, Brown and Beige Canvas

Item Weight: 0.06 pounds

Item Dimensions: 48.3 x 34.9 x 27.9 centimeters

Style: Contemporary

Whether you’re going for romantic picnics, concerts, outdoor parties, or road trips, this picnic basket makes a good option. Furthermore, it’s suitable for camping, hiking, and beaches.

It has a braided handle which ensures its durability and longevity. The outdoor picnic basket is tightly woven for strength and load-bearing capacity.



Colour Name: Large Black, Large Gray, Blue Stripe, Dark Gray, and Grey

Size: 32L Large picnic baskets, 22L Medium picnic basket, and Medium

Item weight: 1.54 Pounds

Item dimensions: 38.1 x 24.1 x 24.9 centimeters

Capacity: 2.4 Kilograms

Quality combines with innovation to form a multifunctional design. The picnic basket is quite roomy and can hold your beverages and foods.

ALLCAMP OUTDOOR GEAR Picnic Basket is made from easy to clean fabric; hence you can wipe clean with a damp cloth. In addition, it doubles as a cooler bag for keeping foods and drinks.

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