20 Bathroom Storage Ideas to Try

There’s no better feeling than making your bathroom space spot on and clutter-free without having a towel littering the place or sprawled on the floor. While the bathroom is where you clean up, it’s crucial you make it tidy by all means.

Whether you have a large or small space, we have bathroom storage ideas that will leave your bathroom spick and span without items getting in the way of movement. Though these ideas may fit different styles and designs, they make most of your space.

20 Bathroom Storage Ideas and Solutions

Are you designing a bathroom from scratch? Do you want to maximize space? Are you in need of stylish, affordable options for your bathroom? Below are our top 20 ideas for bathroom storage to go round.

1. Carve a niche with 3-tier shelves – Saver’s Choice


The shelf organizer made of iron tube ensures durability and sits well over the toilet unit for storing essentials such as tissues, candles and makeup. In addition, it has side poles for hanging towels.

This will be an alternative to a wall organizer if you don’t have one installed in your bathroom. Just place it in a good spot and load up your essentials.

Compared to an organizer, the freestanding shelves have more space. Tired of seeing it in a corner, move it to a more preferred position. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Alternative – Great Reviews

VASAGLE Over-The-Toilet Storage, Bathroom Organizer Cabinet is an over-the-storage cabinet that can easily fit into the space behind your toilet, making the most of vertical space. This is perfect for people looking to save space.

2. Get smart with toilet paper

Toilet paper holder

Perfect for small spaces, this toilet paper holder is a great bathroom storage solution. Within the holder is storage shelves to keep your books safe, tidy and clean. You might want to have a read while you use the bathroom. Just reach out for it from your shelves.

There’s a storage cabinet with sliding doors and an adjustable shelf for storing toilet paper, detergent, and others. Store extra toilet paper with this slender design.

3. Add floating shelves over the toilet

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are ideal for compact spaces. If you have empty wall space, take advantage of this by installing floating shelves to stack extra towels, and hold baskets with beauty supplies.

You can also store flannels, candles or toothbrush holders on these shelves. Install this chic-looking storage space above your toilet to unclutter your floor and sink areas.

4. Get a makeup organizer

Makeup organizer

Beauty lovers understand the struggle of having to fit all their makeup products into a tiny drawer. A makeup organizer to the rescue! You don’t need to worry about getting a makeup caddy.

Convenient and handy, you can use each level of the organizer to store different products such as perfumes, trays, etc. Adjust the trays to contain products of various heights.

5. Save space with a cloud-shaped toilet paper holder

Toilet paper holder

Another space-saving toilet paper holder! If you’re a minimalist, you’ll love this design. Besides saving space, the toilet paper holder adds charm to your bathroom. It can hold up to 8 rolls, so you don’t run out of supplies.

Whether you have a small bathroom or you’re looking to add some creative details to your space, this is an ideal centrepiece. The natural wooden colour blends with your bathroom decor.

For a classic look, consider adding a jewelry organizer or decorative tray. Install this holder and start getting supplies from the cloud.

6. Choose a shower caddy

Shower caddy

A shower caddy works for a small bathroom. Make the most of your space with this 2-tier caddy installed on your wall using adhesive hooks. With this caddy, all you need for your bath is in one place and within reach.

From soap to shampoo, small potted plants and comb, there’s a lot to put in your caddy. Versatile and easy to install, this caddy helps keep your bathroom tidy, clean and organized.

7. Enclose your bathroom accessories

Apothecary jars

If you’re looking for an attractive and easy way to organize swabs, cotton balls, hair bands, bath salts and others, storage jars are the best option. The jars keep all your bathroom necessities enclosed out of the reach of dirt, dust and water.

8. Be versatile

Shower caddy

If you like versatility, you might want to add a bathtub caddy tray to your bathroom decor. The caddy tray comes with a phone/towel tray, book holder, snack/fruit holder, glass slot and wine glass holder. You can relax in your bathtub with a cup of wine or read your favourite book while chilling in it.

9. Add a classic touch to your bathroom

Over-the-top storage rack

For decorative and classic appeal, this over-the-top toilet storage rack will be a good choice. It’s space-efficient and reduces the cluttering of hygiene products on the countertop. The rack is easily installed behind the toilet to minimize the use of floor space.

You can store your shampoo, gel, potted plant and toiletries on the 3 open shelves. The small cabinet seems like a safe place for your comics and magazine. The storage rack also fits over a washing machine.

If you’re running out of space to store your essentials, you should consider installing a shelf to take advantage of the under-utilized space.

10. Shelf it

Glass shelves

Most times, wall space seems wasted. Maximize storage space with bathroom glass shelves. Glass shelves have a timeless appeal that complements the bathroom decor.

The shelf is quite spacious and has a guard rail that allows tall bottles storage. Also, the finished rail prevents items from toppling over. The shelf also comes with a towel bar for hanging your towel.

11. Get a trash can

Trash can

This slim, compact and chic trash can fits perfectly in a small bathroom. It has a strong steel pedal which makes for easy use. Step on the pedal to open the lid to dispose of waste. You won’t have to smear your hand with dirt while using the trash can.

12. Make use of a storage cabinet

Storage cabinet

Is your bathroom large enough? It won’t be a bad idea to install a storage cabinet there. The 3-tier design allows for efficient storage. Consider storage cabinets as magic makers since they free up space and keep essentials neat and in good condition.

The white coating adds elegance and style to the bathroom. It comes with open and adjustable shelves for storing supplies of various heights. The storage cabinet is built with round knobs, which gives warmth to you when opening the cabinet. The cabinet doors are designed with a magnetic doorstop for firm closure after use.

13. Opt for a toothbrush holder

Toothbrush holder

Instead of placing your toothbrush anywhere, you should consider opting for a toothbrush holder. You won’t have to worry about germs settling on your toothbrush.

The toothbrush holder comes with 6 compartments for storing your toothpaste, razor, toothbrush, eyebrow trimmer, etc. It has a detachable base for collecting excess water for easy disposal. The attractive design is a great addition to your countertop.

14. Showcase your items with a vanity tray

Vanity tray

From glass jars to fresh flowers, lotions and beauty products, there are several items a vanity tray can hold. It adds decorative elements to the bathroom without taking up much space on your countertop. The soft colour and modern design are spot-on.

15. Add fun and style

Bathroom box decor

A bathroom box decor seems like an ideal way to incorporate style and fun into your bathroom. Your guests will be impressed with this aesthetic. They will have a good laugh seeing the funny piece of art.

It best suits the toilet tank topper. Your rolls of toilet paper, perfume, air freshener and other essentials can fit in this box decor. How funny and interesting will it be to be welcome by ” nice butt” or “please seat yourself” on entering the bathroom.

16. Maximize vertical space

Bathroom cabinet

A bathroom cabinet is a good option if you have many essentials and want to save space. You can place your photo frames and decorations at the top. Store your toiletries, makeup and books in the drawer and single-door cabinet. The intricate design complements your decor.

17. Use a towel rack

Towel rack

Towels are a must-have in any bathroom. It’s quite difficult to store them in a bathroom with limited space. Are you short on space? Use a towel rack to hang your towel before or after use.

The 6- level rack helps store towels of different sizes. You can decide to mount it on the wall or hang the rack over the door. The rack also doubles as a wine holder.

18. Get a basket

Bath basket

The portable bath basket has ample space for storing perfumes, toiletries, cosmetics, toothbrushes, etc. It has drain holes and ventilation holes that promote breathability and prevents moisture buildup. If you’re tired of looking for your essentials often, you should get this and throw them all in.

19. Stay organized

Wicket basket

Lightweight and durable, this handcrafted wicker basket adds to your bathroom aesthetics. The stackable design serves as a bookshelf, clothes bin, among others. You can neatly arrange your supplies to give a tidy look. Ignite your creativity and imagination with this woven storage.

20. Add this slim design to your decor

Functionality and practicality best define this tall cabinet. The multipurpose piece fits anywhere in the bathroom. It comes with 2 shelves, 1 door and 2 drawers for storing and organizing all your bathroom accessories. For extra stability, fasten to the wall.

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