5 Best Self-Defense Keychains in Canada

The world is filled with dangerous people. Unfortunately, we aren’t all Batmen and Wonder Women who can fight off a whole gang of criminals. We need some help. That’s what these self-defense keychains offer. Using these keychains, you’ll be able to ask for help quickly and protect yourself from any form of assault.

Top 5 Self-Defense Keychains You Should Buy

We all deserve to have the means to protect ourselves. Since it’s not legal for Canadians to carry some of the most common self-defense weapons, we must find other ways to protect ourselves. That’s where these keychains come in. If you’re having trouble finding good ones, here are 8 self-defense keychains you should buy.

1. Safe Sound Personal Alarm Keychain with LED Lights

Brand: Yomitek

What it Includes: Safety personal alarm with 140DB of sound

Going outside knowing the dangers it brings is scary. Bringing something that will help protect and defend you might make you feel safer. These alarms are small and easy to carry. It also has a flashlight function which is useful in case of emergency.

The alarm is also loud and can be heard from a certain distance. For those worried about the design, the pack includes 3 alarms of different colors. All you have to do is take out the stopper if you’re in danger and put it back on if you’d like to turn it off. There are more affordable options considering this one only includes 3 alarms without all the other self-defense materials but, it’s very useful and gives you an added layer of protection.


– Easy to use

– Is a 3-pack

– High-quality alarms


– Expensive

– Only includes an alarm

2. Upgraded Safe Sound Personal Alarm 10 Pcs Set

Brand: AMIR

What it Includes: Personal alarm with LED light, emergency whistle, no-touch door opener, bottle opener, lipstick bag protective cover, hand sanitizer, empty bottle

Unlike the first product, this keychain does not just contain an alarm. It contains a variety of tools from the usual personal alarm with LED lights to an emergency whistle, a hand sanitizer, and a no-touch door opener. Although some items such as the whistleblower do not have the best quality, the others are great tools that will help you protect yourself should the need arise.

This product is also affordable and fashionable for those who want something that can be disguised as an accessory. The emergency alarm will draw attention as the sound can be heard from as far as 500 feet.


– Includes a variety of useful tools

– Affordable


– Some tools are of low quality

3. Upgraded Safe Sound Personal Alarm 4 Pcs Set

Brand: AMIR

What it Includes: Personal alarm with LED light, distress whistle, no-touch door opener, bottle opener

If you prefer something more minimalistic but will still help protect you should the need arise, this 4-piece set is the right fit for you. It includes a personal alarm with an LED light, a distress whistle, a no-touch door opener, and a bottle opener. The 160 dB personal alarm can last up to 6 hours. You can draw attention whether it be to ask for help from an attacker or because of situations that require medical treatment.

Although the whistleblower doesn’t have amazing quality, the product makes up for it by having other useful items that could help save the day. Affordable and stylish, some might find that this self-defense keychain is the right fit for them.


– Affordable and stylish

– Includes 4 items

– Easy to carry and use


– Low-quality whistleblower

4. Keychain Set with Personal Alarm


What it Includes: Personal alarm, no-touch door opener, survival whistle, sensory toys

This self-defense keychain can also hold personal items such as your car keys, house keys, and wallet. It can be a hold bag in and of itself. This keychain, albeit a bit pricier than the others, includes new items such as sensory toys that’ll keep your hands busy if you’re getting anxious or nervous.

The alarm is high quality and easy to use. The keychain is comfortable. The design might be too much for some people. If you prefer something more on the down-low, there are other keychains sets on this list we know you’d love.


– Keychain can hold a ton of other items

– Includes many tools that can help protect you from harm

– Comfortable to wear

– High-quality alarm


– Pricier than others on the list

– Some might find it too gaudy

5. REZIME Keychain Set


What it Includes: Personal Alarm with LED lights, Lipstick Holder, Travel Bottle, Bottle Holder, Pom Pom, Tassel and Wristlet

This keychain set includes items such as a personal alarm to ask for help should the need arise, a lipstick holder, a travel bottle, and a bottle holder. It’s practical, stylish, and affordable. The design might be considered too gaudy by some and the keychain might be heavy but, the items that come with the keychain make it worth it.


– Comes in a variety of colors

– Includes a large number of items

– Affordable considering what it includes


– The design might be too much for some

– Heavy because of the number of items included

The Takeaway

If you’re on the lookout for self-defense keychains, look no more. This list presents quality keychains with a multitude of useful items you can make use of to protect yourself as you go about your day.

Give yourself some assurance and peace of mind by getting one of these keychains and having important tools at your disposal anytime, anywhere. If there’s anything you need to spend your precious money on, it would be items that could potentially save your life.

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