Why is Hulu Not In Canada?

Hulu is one of the most famous streaming services in the world. It has gained more popularity over the years after its debut in 2017. There are several movies and documentaries on Hulu to the delight of users. 

Unfortunately, as good and famous as this streaming service is, it is not available for use in Canada. This has left many streamers in Canada struck with the inability to stream their favorite shows on Hulu. However, there are ways to bypass the restrictions, many of which would cost users some money. 

Hulu is supposed to be a global streaming service; why is it not available in Canada? One factor contributing to Hulu restrictions in Canada is its ownership structure. When the company was first established in 2007, it was owned by a group of broadcasting companies which included Disney, Comcast, AT&T, and Fox. Later, the ownership was reduced, leaving Disney and Comcast as its owners. 

It was not long after Disney became the highest shareholder in the company. With this, Disney became the controller of the streaming service.

Before this time, Disney had signed some deals with other streaming services like Netflix, and most of those deals are still intact. This has prevented people in Canada from streaming content on Hulu due to copyright and license issues. 

How To Watch Hulu In Canada

Despite the copyright and licensing issues preventing Hulu use in Canada, there is another way to stream content on Hulu even when you are in Canada. Hulu is available in the US, so you will need a VPN to allow you to use Hulu in Canada. 

With a VPN, you can change your location from Canada to the United state. And this will allow you to subscribe to and view content on the streaming service. 

How To Use VPN

First, you should get a strong VPN. Usually, VPNs are easy to set up, and in no time, you will have an anonymous online identity. The VPN will change your IP address, and the system will appear as though you are in the United States. With this, you can easily access the Hulu library. 

Be sure to get a VPN that is suitable for use. Not all VPNs are strong enough to work with Hulu. Once you get a suitable one, install it on the device you want to use for streaming. 

After launching, change your location to the United States. Once you have done this, scroll to your browser and visit the official website of Hulu. If you have done everything right, you will notice a change in the Hulu library. 

Which VPN Is The Best For Use? 

As stated earlier, not all the available VPNs works with Hulu. While few work well, ExpressVPN is the best of them all. ExpeessVPN stands out among others.

It has more professional features that deliver excellently well than other VPNs. This VPN has an extensive network. Also, it is swift and secure.

You have nothing to worry about when using it, not to mention it is easy to use. It can be used on both android and iOS devices. 

Why You Need VPN To Use Hulu In Canada

As explained earlier, Hulu is restricted for use in Canada. To ensure that no user in Canada can stream from this platform, Hulu uses an IP tracking system.

It identifies the location of every user and blocks users from unsupported locations like Canada. That’s why you can even access the Hulu website if you are in Canada. Interestingly, that’s where the use of a VPN comes in handy.

It helps you bypass every restriction by changing your IP address and giving you an anonymous identity online. Since Hulu’s security system can only block users from Canada, selecting the US on the VPN automatically changes your location to the United States. And this allows you to bypass the restrictions placed on Hulu Canada. 

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