100 Sweet Nicknames for Your Boyfriend

Have you lost the spark of love with your boyfriend? You can get that back through your constant show of love and affection to your boyfriend? One of the best ways to get the spark is by calling your boyfriend sweet nicknames. While there are so many popular nicknames you can call your boyfriend, nothing stops you from having a list of unique sweet nicknames for your man. 

Nicknames for Your Boyfriends

Searching for a sweet nickname might not be entirely easy. But you can’t give up on your quest so easily. We are here to help you make your search process a seamless one. That’s why we made a list of 100 sweet nicknames for your boyfriend. Let this list fuel your idea of a unique name to call your man.

1. Agapi Mou–  This means my love of the English language. It is perfect for use if you don’t want to call your boyfriend a cliche nickname.

2. Huggy Bear- If he’s a good hugger or he likes to cuddle, this name will be perfect for him. 

3. Binky– This is a perfect name for your cute boyfriend if he’s loving and caring. 

4. Papi– Papi is a Spanish word. It is predominantly used for people who are affectionate and sexy. If you consider your boyfriend sexy enough, you can call him this nickname. 

5. Apple– This name is quite popular but not too popular to be used for your boyfriend. It is used for a guy with an amazing personality. 

6. Amante- Amante is a Spanish Name. You may use it anytime you wish to let him know how sexy he looks. 

7. Baby Cakes– This name is quite silly and flirty but it would fly. Moreso, you can use it anytime you want to get funky with him. 

8. Amore- Amore is an Italian name that means love. Instead of using the conventional word, you can choose to be creative with this name. 

9. Baby Boo– This is a pet name you can call him to let him know how much you love and care about him.

10. G-Man– is an abbreviation of a gorgeous man. 

11. Chunky Monkey– If your boyfriend is chubby and incredibly hot, this is a perfect nickname to call him. 

15. Baby Cakes- If you want to flirt and be silly with him, this is a name you can call him. 

16. Marshmallow- It represents someone who is soft on the inside as much as he is on the outside. 

17. Bambi- If you are familiar with Disney characters, Bambi is a name given to a kindhearted and handsome person. If you think your boyfriend has these qualities, you can call him this nickname. 

18. Poppins- If he’s always happy, you can call him Poppins. 

19. Walnut- Do you find him crazily nice and good for your heart? Walnuts represent his character. 

20. Winnie- This is a name to represent someone who is cute and loving. 

21. Papa Bear- Papa Bear is a name to call him if he’s endearing and protective at the same time. 

22. Stallion- If he’s dedicated to ensuring that you are happy all the time, you can give him this nickname. 

23. Footy – This is an amazing name for your boyfriend if he likes football 

24. Coded – This is the perfect name to give him if he has a great penchant for technology. 

25. Cid – You can call him this nickname if he likes food. 

26. Bon Bon – This is a nickname to give him if he’s sweet. 

27. Button – You know what a button does? It helps hold something together. If you fancy your boyfriend a bit of a motivator, you can call him this nickname. 

28. Bunny – If your man is macho, cuddly, cute, and fluffy, you name him a bunny. 

29. Batman – Batman is the name of a popular superhero, your boyfriend would definitely not mind being likened to a superhero of your life. 

30. Kissy Face – If you want to mess with him, call him  kissy face

31. Captain– This is a name given to someone who is strong, courageous, and someone with great leadership skills. 

32. Daddy– This is a new name given to men ladies consider responsible and highly appealing. If you are a crazily funny girlfriend, you can always tease him by calling him, daddy. 

33. Bae– This name means more than many people know. Most people just jump at the name without knowing its true meaning. It is coined from the French word ‘Beau’. It means ‘Before Anyone Else’

34. Universe– This is the best name to call him to make him feel at the top of the world. 

35. Jelly/Jelly bean- This is the perfect name to call him if you find him cute and lovable. 

36. Romeo- You know the story of Romeo? This name qualifies someone who can do anything for love. 

37. Adonis– This is a name given to a Greek god. It qualifies someone who is beautiful and youthful. 

38. Rambo– It is the name for some who are rugged and handsome. 

39. Giggles– If he’s someone that cracks you up till you laugh and remain happy, call him giggles. 

40. Hot Chocolate- This is nice to call him if he’s tall, dark, and cute. 

41. Cuppycakers- This name represents someone who is good-looking and sweet altogether 

42. Emperor– This means someone powerful enough to rule. 

43. Fuzz Butt– This name may not sound too nice. But it is a perfect nickname for your boyfriend. 

44. Santa Clause- If he is quick to give you anything, you may name him Santa Claus. You know Santa always comes bearing gifts. 

45. Poopie– This may sound exactly like a baby dog is called (Puppy) but it is not the same. But he’s your baby after all. 

46. Jammy– You are a special sweet girl, he’s lucky to be with you. 

47. Cookie– This name is cute to call. Plus, cookies are sweet. Calling your boyfriend this nickname may just mean he is sweet. 

48. Mine– Call him this to constantly remind him that he’s yours all the time. 

49. Pookie– Although this nickname has no concrete meaning, the fact that it is cute to pronounce makes it appealing to your boyfriend. 

50. Smoochie Poochie– This may sound awkward, you can’t tell, he may love it. 

51. Poppy– Used to represent someone that intoxicates just like a drug. And since you love him that much, you can call him poppy. 

52. Chiku– It is a name given to someone that is so sweet. 

53. Loo Loo– Who cares about its origin when the meaning is clear enough? It means fun, bright, sensual, and sweet. 

54. Tiger- It is a name given to someone who is strong and fierce. 

55. Teddy– If he is big and cuddly, call him teddy. 

56. Heartthrob– If your love for him makes you beat faster than normal at the sight of him, call him a heartthrob.

57. Eye Candy– This is a name given to someone you can catch enough of their alluring look. 

58. Snuggle Bug– A name given to someone so cute. 

59. Pickle– It is a name given to someone whose sight looks appealing. 

60. Champ. If he can make you love him and vice versa, he is a champion

61. Sparkie– The light that emanates from him brightens your life. 

62. Tater Tots– It is a name given to someone so sweet and sinful. 

63. Buddy– If he’s not just your boyfriend but also your best friend, you are free to call him this. 

64. Peterpan– You know Peterpan from a man called God? He is very cute. 

65. Fruity Loops– Fruits are colorful and sweet. 

66. McDreamy– Because he’s the reason you are eager to close your eyes in the night. 

67. Tum Tums– This name has no meaning or origin, but it is cute is it not? 

68. Doll– Used to represent someone or something so perfect. 

69. Kawaii– It is a Japanese name that means cute. 

70. Zeus– The name of a Greek God. You could name him this. It is a testament to how important he is to you. 

71. Xoxo– If you think he deserves all the hugs and kisses, call him this. 

72. Yummers– Because he is so sweet and you can’t but always remind him.

73. Tootsiewoostsy– This name doesn’t make any sense. Calling him this is a way to tell him nothing else makes sense whenever he’s with you. 

74. Twinkle– Because he shines with a bright light. 

75. Big Daddy– If you have a naughty and protective boyfriend, you could name him big daddy. 

76. Sunny– Because when he smiles everything becomes brighter. 

77. McSteamy– Because he’s incredibly hot. 

78. My Main– This is a famous nickname but it is never overused. Calling him this will make him know how important he is. Also, it is proof that he is all you have. 

79. Nemo– You call him this because you don’t want to lose him to another woman. 

80. Christian Grey– This is the perfect name for a kinky boyfriend. 

81. Win-Win– If he’s the type of guy who loves to win in everything. 

82. Boo Boo Bear – Because he’s a boyfriend who is always there for you when you need help. Or if he’s someone who always gets into silly things and would need help. 

82. Bun– This nickname is short and classy. 

83. Sexyama- If you want to appreciate his alluring physique. 

84. Big Bucks– If your boyfriend is worth all the dollars in the world. 

85. Pou The Panda- If he’s a man of people. Everyone loves Pou The Panda. 

86. Papito– This is another version of Papi. It is sweet and classy.

87. Sweet thang– If you want a nickname that is sweet and flirty. 

88. Minnie Mouse– If you want him to know you love him so much but that doesn’t mean you still can mess with him. 

89. Suga– This is another spelling of sugar. It means something or someone who’s so sweet. 

90. Bananaboo– If he’s silly yet adorable. 

91. Hot-stuff– Because he’s hot and highly irresistible, especially for you. 

92. Wonder-boy– A great nickname you can call your boyfriend. 

93. Scooby– If he is as silly as Scooby-Doo, you can always call him this. 

94. Stud-Muffin– Because he’s smooth, soft, and sweet

95. Dumplings– If he’s the kind of guy that just wants to devour, dumplings is the perfect nickname to call him. 

96. Foxy- Because he’s got a cute set of eyes that is almost irresistible. 

97. Big fella– If you are the kind of lady that loves big guys, you can always call your boyfriend this. 

98. Babe- It is quite popular but it never loses its spark. It naturally makes him feel loved. 

99. Zorro– Because is a superhero. 

100. My knight- Because he’s a noble man. 

Take Away

Never run out of ideas when you want to choose a nickname for your boyfriend. You can make a choice from this list.

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