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7 Best Hiking Shoes for Trails in Canada

Hiking shoes are a great choice for people who love off-trail adventures and prefer supportive footwear for rugged, smooth or tricky terrains. Are you going on a hike with friends or backpacking? You’ll need a pair of hiking shoes for stability and support. In choosing footwear for hiking, there is no one-size-fits-all; you’ll need to consider some factors that will help you make the best decision.

What to look out for in hiking shoes

Fit: This is critical in selecting shoes for hikes. Shoes that don’t fit well can cause discomfort and accident. On the other hand, shoes with good fit promote stability, prevent injuries and wear and tear.

Breathability: Another essential factor to consider is breathability. Footwear that doesn’t allow ventilation can lead to discomfort and skin problems such as blisters and rashes on the feet.

Comfort: This is probably an essential factor to put into consideration when choosing footwear. Opt for hiking shoes that boost comfort. You can consider options with mesh lining since it’s breathable, quick-drying and moisture-wicking.

7 Best Hiking Shoes for Canada Trails

Here, we’ve rounded up 7 best hiking shoes for Canada trails. These shoes come in different colours, sizes and materials. Some of these shoes can be worn for outdoor events like mountaineering, camping, backpacking, etc. Let’s briefly review some of the best options on the market.

1. NORTIV 8 Men’s Low Top Hiking Shoes

NORTIV 8 Men's Low Top Waterproof Hiking Shoes

Colour Name: Brown/Black/Tan, Army Green/Black/Orange, Black/Dark Grey
Size: 6.5, 7, 7.5-13
Sole Material: Rubber
Closure Type: Lace-Up

If you’re looking for a low-priced hiking shoe, this should make a good choice. The versatile footwear can be worn for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, hunting, etc. It features a slip-resistant rubber outsole that works with any terrain.

This gives you a firm grip on slippery ground. The hiking shoes are designed with a durable midsole for convenience. You’re guaranteed soft landings and lighter strides. NORTIV 8 promotes breathability and builds resistance with the mesh fabric and Pay material.

The thick padded collar acts as a protective covering for your knees. If you want excellent value in sturdy hiking shoes, this is it. Walk confidently, knowing you’re safe when you engage in outdoor activities. The rubber-covered top cap prevents collision.

2. KEEN Men’s Targhee III WP Hiking Shoe

KEEN Men's Targhee III WP Hiking Shoe

Colour Name: Bungee Cord/Black, Black Olive/Golden Brown and Steel Grey/Captains Blue
Size: 7, 7.5, 8 – 17
Fabric Type: Leather and Textile
Sole Material: Rubber
Closure Type: Lace-Up

Improve your terrain adventures with this classic hiking shoe. KEEN hiking shoes tick the right boxes in terms of convenience, durability and performance. Being waterproof, the shoe keeps your feet dry and warm throughout the day.

The shoe is designed with a rubber outsole for a tight grip on rocky surfaces and muddy areas. When worn indoors, this rubber outsole leaves no imprints.

If you’re walking on uneven surfaces, the torsion stability external support shank (ESS) supports you, so you don’t slip or fall. Do you enjoy exercising or hiking a lot? Consider getting one of these.

3. Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

Merrell Women's Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

Colour Name: Smoke, Earth
Size: 5.5, 6.5 – 11
Fabric Type: Leather and Synthetic
Sole Material: Vibram
Closure Type: Lace-up

Since its inception in 2006, Moab has been worn by over 20 million people. This shoe is all about comfort and stability, from the breathable mesh lining to the air cushion heel.

Merrell hiking shoes are designed with waterproof full-grain leather for durability. For good traction on surfaces, this is an ideal choice. The women’s hiking shoes weigh 1 pound hence it supports the leg during hikes.

Whether you’re walking on rocky terrains, this shoe gives a tight grip, so you don’t have ankle rolls or hurt your feet. Hiking in the summer sun and getting your feet wet while crossing the stream is made a lot of fun with this ventilator design.

4. KEEN Men’s Austin Hiking Shoes

KEEN Men's Austin Hiking Shoes

Colour Name: Black, Chocolate brown and Brindle/Bungee cord
Size: 7-17
Fabric Type: Leather
Sole Material: Rubber
Closure Type: Lace-up

With its waterproof leather and double arc support, KEEN hiking shoes are designed for exploration. The removable metatomical footbed cushions your feet against hard surfaces, so you don’t sustain injury.

This footwear isn’t only suitable for hiking; it works for travel and light trekking as well. Experience out-of-the-box comfort with this hiking shoe designer with midsole and lace system.

The oxford lace design makes it classic wear for any occasion, whether for office, dinner, or walk. It comes with a rubber outsole that leaves no imprints when worn indoors. If you’ve got wide feet, it fits well. This hiking shoe is worth every penny.

5. CAMEL CROWN Men’s Hiking Shoes

CAMEL CROWN Men's Hiking Shoes

Colour Name: Black, Khaki, Grey
Size: 11.5, 12.5
Fabric Type: Suede leather
Sole Material: Rubber
Closure Type: Lace-up

Designed with traction technology, CAMEL CROWN Men’s Hiking Shoes prevent falls and slips when climbing stairs. It’s built with a rubber outsole which makes for support on watery, icy or rugged surfaces.

With its durable Nubuck Leather and Minimalist Colors, this footwear reeks of class and elegance. The mesh lining allows ventilation in the shoes thus reducing foul smell. CAMEL CROWN hiking shoes have strong toe cap and heels to safeguard against snake bites or bugs, especially in bushy areas.

The hiking shoes can be worn for any outdoor event like mountaineering, fishing, etc. It offers great quality at a cost-effective price.

6. Knixmax Hiking Shoes

Knixmax Women's Men's Hiking Shoes

Colour Name: Grey, Black, Wine, Orange, Grey, Navy
Size: 5 women/3 men, 6 women/4 men, 7 women/5 men, 8 women/6 men, 9 women/7 men
Fabric Type: Suede leather
Sole Material: Rubber
Closure Type: Lace-up

If you’re looking for a minimalist design, this is it. It’s designed from suede leather and mesh to promote breathability and comfort. Knixmax hiking shoe has a non-slip outsole for good traction on any terrain.

The shoe is also long-lasting and durable for years if maintained well. Knixmax hiking shoe has cushioned insoles and a spacious toe box which makes trekking so much fun.

The detachable insoles and toe box allow for dual fitting and convenience. It has a classic design and trendy colours, making the shoes suitable for backpacking, cycling, camping, etc.

7. TFO Hiking Shoes

TFO Hiking Shoes

Colour Name: Gray, Black and Green
Size: 7.5-11.5
Fabric Type: Rubber
Sole Material: Rubber
Closure Type: Lace-up

This exclusive hiking shoes facilitate ventilation while reducing fatigue and feet temperature. The soft EVA insole will absorb shock and shield your feet against injury during long hikes.

Let your feet breathe in this hiking shoes. With ergonomic design and high-elastic lining, your joints and ankles are protected against impact and bruises. Maintain balance on steep terrain in these shoes. Ensure you check the size of shoes before making purchasing any.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best shoes for hiking?

The best hiking shoes create for comfort and fit in well during hikes. When choosing any design or type, consider the fit and convenience before buying hiking shoes. Consider the durability, traction and support as well.

You should also know that not one particular hiking shoes work for all situations. The strength of a shoe lies in the material, design and thread pattern.

Which is better between hiking shoes and hiking boots?

Compared to hiking shoes, hiking boots are heavier and have stiff soles made from non-breathable materials. Hiking shoes are lightweight and permit breathability. We can’t out rightly say one is better than the other.

If you prefer ankle stability, hiking boots may be a better option. If you prefer a lightweight design and comfort, it’s best to choose hiking shoes.

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